About the Son - TEREL

~~ Terrell Alan Enckler became TEREL [TE5/TE] in the summer of 1973, his 27th year...(reminiscent of John Denver's lyrics from Rocky Mountain High -- "He was born in the summer of his 27th year....")

~~TEREL is an American Artist / Painter currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area.  He has been painting for nearly 50 years -- conducting what he primarily regards as being "Art Research" -- addressing a variety of contemporary issues and problems through the process of painting.

~~The material appearing on this site is a collective manifestation of a number of factors:  TEREL's formal artistic training from an American university, his extensive study of specific esoteric philosophical systems and his persistent adherence to spiritual disciplines and beliefs -- to name a few.

~~The major body of TEREL's work essentially focuses on possible alternatives in the area of Transhelter -- combining various forms of transportation with unconventional views of architecture.  TEREL has been further intrigued with psychological studies as they relate to creative expression -- aspects which involve the importance of the collective subconscious, the significance of symbolism, numerology and dream analysis.

~~This web-site represents the first public sharing of TEREL's work since the early 1970's.

~~It is hoped that you will enjoy the diversity of selected information and artistic content offered to you on these next few pages.

~~Thank you for visiting.