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This website features artistic works from both Father and Son.

The Father, Albert Enckler, painted for enjoyment and relaxation, escaping from the pressures of the "9 to 5" -- painting to recapture feelings of pure freedom when he piloted his P-51 and owned the sky.

Al Enckler's works are those of a "perfectionist."  He placed attention on the "details" of life.  The famous architect, Mies van der Rohe, surely grasped this bit of wisdom.  "God is in the details," he was quoted as saying.

The Son, TEREL [Terrell (Terry) Enckler --  TE  -- publishing under name:  Texterrell], on the other hand, paints with the concerns of a Kandinsky...with a need for expressing the "internal necessity" of art and seeking to become the "Internal Technologist" as described in Jose Arguelles' work The Transformative Vision.

I, TEREL, have been painting since the late 1960's.  After receiving formal training from Ohio University, I set out to explore some specific areas of painting which had long intrigued me.  My first concern was to investigate what Paul Klee described as "Multidimensional Simultaneity."  My interpretation of this concept led me to think of a television set with all channels broadcasting at the same time.  How do we filter through the static to arrive at the essence of each work?

I approach my studies by use of random color, random form, and random scale/dimension.  Another major element is surrounding light [along with a bit of sfumato, just for fun].  I have always had a strong interest in Architecture and enjoyed drafting with T-square, triangles, etc. before turning my attention to painting full time.  ​This love for the hard-edge of drafting led me to a style of painting that could fall under the labels of "Dynamic Symmetry / Sacred Geometry" and as with all things, with time, change is inevitable.

Through the years my paintings became exceedingly complex and a struggle ensued to do battle with the Jungle of forms.  Then I read something in a book by Ken Carey, The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World.  He wrote that '...each new gain in comprehension brings a corresponding reduction of complexity. You become simpler as you become wiser.'

I hope you will enjoy my father's paintings and sculptures and please spend some time exploring my creative efforts as well.


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Fine Art Paintings/Prints from Albert J. Enckler and from TEREL

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