"The Old Woman"

Each night

the old woman hangs

from the parachute in her bedroom

while she is sleeping

without socks

Poetic Verse:

"He Speaks"

He speaks a language

with which I am not fluent

His tools I cannot afford

He shuffles aside my wonderment

as He pushes, I slide         away

with Love

enclothed in camouflage

to be

"Back Straight"

Back Straight

back as a child

seldom could I bend to meet new friends.

Older now

I've found friends

in Fish...

and snakes~~~


[I received "The Old Woman" poem in a dream just prior to awakening one morning and was able to recall it word-for-word along with associated images.  This poem was published in "AT WATER'S EDGE," Owings Mills, MD:  The National Library of Poetry; J. Franz, Publisher; Joy L. Esterby, Editor, 1995, p.371]